Hoping for no 3rd Party Installs

I'll start with a reference to another MMO game, Robocraft. They use a 3rd party anti-cheat program which you have to install. However, the main problem with the anti-cheat program is that you're essentially installing a rootkit on your computer.

Hack/phish the 3rd party anti-cheat servers, and all of the sudden you have access to thousands of people's private info, as well as control over their computers. Rootkits are almost impossible for an average user to get rid of without a complete format and clean re-install of your operating system.

My main concern with the anti-cheat software for this game is that it would involve something similar. As a summer package funder, I'm hoping that the anti-cheat software will be both bundled into the core install and involve nothing like what they use for Robocraft. I've already sunk a good chunk of money into something I hope is gonna be good so I hope you can understand why I'm a little anxious.


  • Panopticon is the vendor given so far. Don't know about your concerns. Guess we will find out.
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