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What's the deal with carrying items?

Another odd question, once again I'll elaborate. Every MMORPG I've seen has you character have items for carrying things, usually bags and a backpack, but none are ever seen on any of the characters, why? Why go through the work of creating different kinds of items for carrying stuff but not put in the actual imagery of it being worn by the characters? Once again, this is a really big missed opportunity. I have yet to see or hear anything regarding carrying items in Ashes, but that doesn't mean I can't be concerned over those sorts of things. Being able to see how your character looks wearing the bags they have, and how they choose to wear them, helps infer the personality the player is trying to set for their character. If you see a character running around with a lot of oversized, potentially to comedic proportions, bags, and cases that potentially tells you the character in question is potentially either a crafter, a resource farmer or both. If you see a character with a bunch of sleek cases and bags running around that potentially tells you the character in question isn't as resource conscious as someone else or they prioritize mobility and/or fighting ability over resource allocation. There's a whole lot you can do with carrying items, up to but not excluding how they move.

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    I feel like that would be a lot of work to code all the various possibilities. It could be funny or helpful.


  • There has been some information dropped (pun) concerning carry weight and backpacks. Backpacks will be specialized. For example, gatherers that store more resources, adventurers for carrying extra armor sets, and so on. Basically to make things more organized. Carry weight for everything except currency. Mules will be able to carry around 10x more than characters, caravans 10x more than mules. So character 1 penguin, mule 10 penguins, caravan 100 penguins. The amount of penguins you can carry can be modified slighty due to backpack, mule, and caravan upgrades. Appearences as to what you show is going to be part of the costuming process. We even have a Tinker skin incoming as part of one of the backer packages. Hope this helps.
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