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[Snapchat Sneakpeak] 08/24/2017 Dev's PvP Arena

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Here's another Snapchat Sneakpeak this time the devs are playing with the PVP arena, something to look forward to for those lucky people that are going to PAX :)


  • Nice! I see lots of explosions, some CC and possibly CC breaks?!?! Excitting! Thanks @Shunex for snagging this clip ♡
  • Shu you are leakier than @GMSteven! Thanks for posting this for snapchat challenged peeps like myself :)
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    Hmm. Excited to see progress, but, hopefully there will be many more tweaks. Those few spells that include charging and targeting are... kinda tired. That's just honest... make it much more dynamic than running and charging. Big expectations for you I.S, do your best to hear feedback and deliver.
  • Cool stuff
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