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[Information] PAX Keynote Schedule - "Making MMOs Great Again"

Hey there, just dropping this piece of information here for everybody (especially for those who missed the livestream last night, and those who didn't see Steven's message on Discord).
As Steven announced during the livestream yesterday, they are holding a one hour keynote/presentation live at the Wyvern Theatre in Seattle.

Keynote description (from

Ashes of Creation - Making MMOs Great Again

Delve into the most anticipated MMORPG in development, watch live gameplay and experience the team discuss the process of starting a gaming studio from scratch and leading the most successful MMO Kickstarter in history.


Steven Sharif [Founder/Creative Director, Ashes of Creation], Jeffrey Bard [Lead Game Designer, Ashes of Creation], Ashes of Creation Developer Team, Special Guest TBA

The presentation is planned for 12 pm on Sunday, 3rd September 2017. If the presentation is streamed live, these are the local times for you folks (I hope I covered most of you):

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