Giveaway Contest: Why Are You Excited for Ashes of Creation?

I'm happy to announce this little giveaway for anyone that wanted to go to PAX, but couldn't afford the tickets themselves. The prize is the PAX Attendee Pack available on the store. Please only participate if you are able to make it to PAX but simply can't get the PAX tickets themselves. 

To participate simply let us know why you are most excited about Ashes of Creation. 

Winners will be chosen August 28th.


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    Both my guild and I are most excited for the group content that Ashes of Creation will bring it's players - it's been a long time since a game has supplied us with quality group content. Specifically we're looking forward to objective based PVP and large-scale raiding. We think that group content is essential for a MMORPG to have in order to create a long lasting sense of community. 

    We look forward to seeing you all in game! 
  • The node system.  Building cities, housing in those cities.
  • Man. Im am SO excited for Ashes, and I am excited because the MMO market is saturated right now with poorly constructed cash grabs or AAA devs who are put on such a time crunch by their board rooms that they are forced to push out content before it is ready. Ashes seems like a return to what an amazing MMO should be. I honestly and truly believe it is going to change the face of the MMO RPG genre for the better, and hopefully set a new standard for future developers.
  • Most excited? Tulnar! Why? Because Beast-like Races are somewhat rare in other games these days. that alone makes ashes already very unique.
  • Non-pvp endgame, and importance of non-pvp players. :)
  • The possibility to live a dream with a great dev team and community
  • Very nice, it would be awesome to go and she what ashes has to offer!
  • I'm excited about ashes of Creation because i haven't had a great MMO to play in long time and I can see the passion the Dev team has for this game.  I haven't been this excited to play a MMO since 2001. 
  • so cool :blush::heart::star:
  • I am most excited mostly because I have been disheartened by most MMOs lately. The release of Legion even ended up not being all that exciting. I love how this is shaping up to be the next great experience, with nodes and far more player choice than any other MMO of its time.
  • I'm most excited to see how the node system works, but I'm also really excited for the character creation system that was talked about and I'd love to know more about it. I've already started creating my character in my mind but I don't have any artistic talent otherwise I'd draw it. I'm really excited to see how all of the classes work, especially Summoner since that's what I'll be playing. The housing system also intrigues me as it could turn out really bad or really good depending on how they go about it. As well as I'm excited for sea combat as talked about in yesterday's stream. I also want to see how the crafting system will work, like if it's a simple button click you press it once and walk away sort of thing, or if it's in depth to the point in which you repeatedly press the button at a given time and if you do it at the correct time X number of times you could create more of the item or a "perfect forged" item. Sorry that there's so much I'm excited for and that I went into such detail, but there seemed to be no other way for me to tell you in my opinion.
  • i am looking forward to experiencing the rebirth of the mmo genre! its been too long!
  • What am i most excited for?  Well that would have to be seeing this dream come to fruition.  So many MMOs that have come out in recent memory have been money grabs, pay to win, or just down right a scam.  I want this to succeed because we as a community need a win, we need something to keep the future of MMOs from going down the path it is headed.  That aside the part of the game I am most excited for would have to be the player driven economy set in a Fantasy realm and the limitless possibilities we have adventurers in a strange new land.
  • The thing I am most excited for is an MMO experience that has a community behind it. Too many MMO's that I play nowadays seem like a single-player game that thousands are thrown into at once and you walk alone in a crowded area. AoC is the game that I hope changes that negative aspect into something grand where co-operation and teamwork are essential parts of an intricate game.
  • I'm most excited about how each server will progress differently 
  • I am most excited to play Ashes of Creation because it's a MMO that is made not only with the help of the community but by gamers and creators that have a love and passion for the MMO Genre, to see what the game will become excites me to constantly check on updates of the games progress!
  • I am not the oldest MMO player but I have been playing them for most of my life. I started with World of Warcraft when I was around 7 years old and have been playing most every MMO of note since then. But none of them have given me a true sense of adventure and exploration. Either they were too much like WoW or They couldn't put something together that truly made it a game worth dedicating my time to, in the worst case it was just a blatant pay to win cash grab. But when I heard about Ashes of Creation, and the story behind why Steven wanted to make this game, and what he wanted to make this game into, I felt hope, my last hope for what I saw and still see as a genre stagnating and rotting. Now that this game is my last hope for my favorite genre I want to do everything I can to make it a success and take part in every step of the games development that I can. I truly would love to see Ashes of Creation become a success, and would be honored if you chose me for this ticket. 
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    This seems like an awesome  game and I'm excited to make some new friends. I have been looking for great mmo to get into for the last couple of years this seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I'm hoping to make some great friends with this game :) i look forward to getting to know the community.
  • The reason that i am most excited for ashes of creation may sound a little underwhelming to some, but to me it is very important because throughout the years i have been looking for that one mmo that i could feel was for me that i could feel that i belonged to.  Ashes of creation is that game for me from the first time i saw it i knew that it was the place i wanted to be and the community i wanted to be apart of, a game with Developers who care about their game and the people who are playing it.  I want to thank all of you, not just intrepid studios but my fellow ashes community members for being the best people that i know and lets all see each other in ashes someday.
  • This game is like no other I've seen. As soon as I saw the Kickstarter I backed it and dove into reading about the node system and the way the player will shape this world. It's like no other MMO I've played and I hope to contribute to it during the beta (and alpha? ????), and at release. I love the community and the guild that has taken me in(for the Nexus!), and would love to meet the creators!
  • I found out about ashes of creation some few months ago when it was first announced. A content maker for the Elder Scrolls online known as Deltia told me about it and after that I was hooked. The game was spectacular the more and more I heard about it being talked about by Steven. I was amazed by the detail they promised but more especially the feedback we were hearing from them. They communicated like no other gaming company has ever with its audience in my time in the industry of MMOs. Now I always am under the impression if you want to see something done do something about it and do not be part of the problem. That being said I donated a large sum of money to the kick starter even knowing it was not smart for myself as a whole. So then what am I most excited for? I am excited to see what was promised come to life with developers that listen to it's community. I watch every live stream and listen to the design steps they take because I know if we will find the flaw, they will fix it because they will listen. That is why I am excited.
  • I'm excited to try a new game! I love mmo's, however I have a hard time feeling connected to a game. Oddly enough I can't wait to review this game, tell people about it. I feel connected already to it because I've been following it since kick starter. I feel like I'm watching this game be developed, and that our opinions are being taken in. I am excited to see how the economy works, because I find economies in mmo's interesting. I also really like stories and lore, so I hope they tell some amazing stories with fun game play. =D
  • I am excited for Ashes of Creation because just the description and early release information gives me hope that it will be a truly new game that I've been waiting for for years. After playing Dark age of Camelot for over a decade, I was spoiled by a lot of end game content and a great mix of PVE and PVP, every game I've tried since then just couldn't stand up to my expectations. I still try new games constantly to try to find that spark again, but usually end up quitting soon after the max level due to a lack of fun. However, since seeing and reading the initial information releases about Ashes of Creation, I felt that spark of excitement again and have been incredibly impatient waiting for each tidbit of information that releases. I would love to be able to come to PAX and join you guys to learn more about the game and kindle that spark inside me yearning for a great game again. Not only that, but I've got an excellent guild that would be waiting on the edges of their seats for any updates I could share with them. I would be most appreciative to be able to come to Washington and meet you guys! It's also about a days drive for me (Give or take 18 hours), but I would most definitely be willing to give it a try!
  • My friends and I are most excited to have a new mmo that's actually designed and made by players . It seems they are aware of the pitfalls of past and present mmo's and are poused to create a truly groundbreaking experience .
  • My friends and I have never played a mmo with an open world such as this, helping to actually create the world around you by what you do. We have played several mmos over the years, but none have been as interesting in concept and design as Ashes. The classes, crafting, combat, story. Really can't wait to see where this game goes!
  • Are you kidding. The persistent growing world! I have played almost every other MMO around and they all suffer the same problem. They start fun and then they stagnate then if they can afford to put out an expansion and its fun again. Then they stagnate again. Having an MMO with a world that will evolve not just with the player but BECAUSE of the players? That is just amazing to think about. Those types of games in single player RPGs always tend to be my favorite. Honestly when ESO was announced I know many where hoping thats what it would be. People wanted an elder scrolls game that they played with friends. Instead they got an MMO that had an elder scrolls skin. I know I was not one of the few who were disappointed. Ashes is looking to be the game I and many others have been dying to get our hands on and let me tell you if it lives up to even half of what they have promised then I will not let anyone pry it from mine hands.
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    I am excited about being part of Ashes of Creation because I could get in on the ground floor. I am pleased with all the exciting things that I see happening throughout Ashes. This is my chance to be part of a gaming organization that truly cares about its members. No more lip service, but run by real people who keep showing how caring and wonderful they are by the things they do and say. I am positive that Ashes of Creation will have and is having a major impact on the gaming community as we now know it. The future of gaming is in our hands, and it will never be the same again due to Ashes of Creation and its masterful development and programming teams. 

  • I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I'm most excited because ASHES OF CREATIONS IS GOING TO MAKE MMOS GREAT AGAIN! Right out of my home state of CALIFORNIA BABY!!!
  • Im seeing all of these huge paragraphs about why people are looking forward to the game, honestly my reasoning is alot more simplistic. The game seems refreshing. Different. To me it stands out from the rest, and im extremly excited.
  • Hope that Ashes of creation will bring a lot of PvP .
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