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Outlaw/Bandit guild potential

Hi I've been keeping an eye on AoC since it was announced and been watching streams every once in a while, trying not to get too hyped but failing, my main initial idea when they discussed the basic concept of making bases for guilds and such was a bandit guild that was orientated around raiding caravans, boats and other bases, I'm currently not too informed but I'd like to talk about the possibility as in whether or not it is viable long term to have a guild dedicated to playing outside the law of the land essentially and just wanted to see what others in the community think about this idea and anything that may cause problems with this I would appreciate being pointed out so I could work around them or plan accordingly, thanks.


  • I'd also appreciate name suggestions <3
  • I think Bandit Guilds are going to be a thing, but to an extent
  • Bandit guilds will be very very viable and will also be essential to keep caravan trades intense and risky aha ^^
    Aslong as you focus on instances like caravan raiding or rallying up other bandit guilds to maybe start a siege on a node you'll be encouraging healthy PvP and creating some really exciting and fun events ^^

    As for names I'm not so good at xD

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    you know the non-pvper out look on this is interesting. One thing that annoys almost everyone is bot or bot like crafters / gatherers . they go to the most efficient place get the most efficient resource and flood the market.

    Bandit guild.. problem solved.. do the same-thing every day bandits will be there to help you with that haul :smile: . Adapt like a human and bandits will be hard pressed to even find you much less take your goods.

    So i would say bandit guild will be an essential part of keeping the game fun for human crafters and bounty hunter guilds.

  • Exactly, they make it harder and more interesting to do your daily gathering and stuff, not just log on daily, farm for a bit, log off until you get your next raid/organised PvP event, can make the game seem dull, make every day interesting. I honestly hadn't thought of it preventing botting, so I'd be kind of doing good by doing bad. 
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