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Problems with with the Ashes of Creation videos

I'm having an issue, one that I want to address and didn't know where else to gripe about it. My issue, the lack of updates on Youtube. Some of those reading this might want an explanation, here it is. I signed up for the Ashes of Creation channel and Youtube and even told the system I want to be notified, but for some reason the Livestreams aren't showing up on Youtube, the most recent Livestreams, and by extension the recorded video version of them for people late to the party, haven't shown up on Youtube and if you search for the most recent on Youtube by name (which I did do a few minutes ago) the most recent Livestream was one of the streams done last month. Now, I usually feel pretty bummed about missing the streams, especially when I find out the stream happened two or three days prior to my hearing about it, I get really frustrated over it when I hear the announcement about the next stream going up at the end of the ones I do manage to see after getting there late only for the entire week of the announced stream to go by with me not even getting a notification regarding it then not being able to find it on a search. Even when I go directly to the Ashes of Creation channel to find the stream castings they aren't there. I've kept quiet about this long because I thought someone on the team would have noticed this little hiccup and set things into motion towards fixing the problem, but clearly, that is isn't the case.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I appreciate everyone who was willing to listen to my little tirade of annoyance, and if anyone on the Ashes of Creation team ends up reading this, please get word to whoever has the appropriate job for this and have them look into this.


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