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NEW Fresh Guild [Warrior's Of Old], [PvX] ,[RP]


I'm opening a new guild called the 'Warrior's Of Old', and so the story begins....

once before the end times... , before we were forced to leave our home land, our world..., there was order there was peace but then it happened.... the corruption leaked into our world bringing the end of time's. our people and other races managed to escape the end leaving to other worlds and other's...suffered by the hand of the corruption.

centuries past by and so I faded away as the memory of our world... , of our HOME...

BUT, now the time has come for us to return to our home to conquer back the lands that we once lost ,to rebuild what once was.
Rebuild it for the ashes as we see fit

NOW ask yourself are you ready to join...?

So now after that little story
the idea behind Warrior's Of Old is that's it's a fresh guild and is very opened to change if the guild manages to become a council of 12 people and each one of the 12 council members gets to have a right hand of their choosing so to make 24 member in total in the council more or less like the knight of the round table to some people that might seem like a lot but remember that its a fresh guild so the help in leadership could help especially if its experienced and I did say that the guild will be subject to change.

in the guild there will be divisions that that a number of the council members will be the head of that division and do as they see fit in they respected division.
the guild purpose is to make some new friend to party with on the PvE or raids or dungeons and hopefully one day make the guild one of the top guild in AoC
when it comes to the guild members their free to do what ever they want in game so long as it doesn't hurt the guild directly or by name , then player can do what they want and the guild will try to help most of its member to reach their individual goal

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