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We are not allowed to reserve posts on our threads or bump them. I understand the purpose of not allowing bumps on a general discussion as it would be off topic, but a guild recruitment thread is not a discussion. We should be allowed to bump our thread once every 48 hours so everyone looking for a guild has the chance to see the thread. We shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to make sure our threads look pretty.

Edit: This is not a rant, I just want to talk about peoples opinions and possible solutions.

Edit: I stated earlier that the guidelines had been changed but that is not at all correct. I assumed that because the guidelines were not as enforced before.


  • I look pretty. :)

  • I was looking at your sig earlier. Very nice. 

  • Wait, there are rules posted somewhere?
  • I think you are being overly dramatic with a term like "ridiculous".

    By forum standards, they are actually pretty lenient around here so be grateful.

    If your only beef is with not being able to bump a guild recruitment thread then you should post about that on the support forum and calmly explain your position instead of resorting to sensationalistic headline threads.
  • I'm here to start a discussion, I want to know peoples opinions on the matter, my opinion is that it is indeed ridiculous  I think you must have misunderstood me, I'm not angry or trying to start a fight so please don't try and censor me.  

  • It all comes down to what content you are looking for. There are several posts that have died the slow death of inactivity that I found to be entertaining and interesting. But they weren't necro'ed every day to keep them at the top of the search results. Like many active forum users I use the Recent Discussions tab to keep track of what is going on. I could really give two shits to see the same dead guild post resurrected every two days because basically no one is looking for a guild at this time or your premise is weak. So take the rules the way they are given, or break them and cry when a moderator closes your post.
  • That makes sense, Quite a few people have joined my discord from my thread though. Although your point is valid I don't appreciate the "there's nothing you can do so shut up" attitude that I've gotten from the community so far. I just wanna talk about it, I know nothing is going to change. 
  • @UnknownSystemError
    Maybe you would feel differently about bumping if guild recruitment threads were removed from recent discussions? 
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    There is talk of making them regional and moving them into their own category. We will just have to wait and see. Don't expect much activity web side till after PAX, whether it be forum organization or signature fixing.
    And by own category I mean that they don't impact Recent Discussions, so yes.
  • Elder said:
    I understand the purpose of not allowing bumps on a general discussion as it would be off topic, but a guild recruitment thread is not a discussion.   

    This is a good point.  1 guild = 1 post and who cares how many times they post in it. 

    I hear they're going to fix the guild recruitment thing sooner than later anyways.   Get rid of guild recruitment forums then?
  • My suggestion:

    Mod makes a thread with one single post that contains alphabetical list of guild names for specific region (and perhaps near guild name, type of guild, or some short description). Each region has such "one post thread".

    After this one post mod locks the thread and makes it sticky.

    Each guild name in this list would be a link to an actual recruitment thread from that guild.

    To add his guild name to the specific list, a guild leader applies his guild in different thread that serves for list applications.

    This way people have list of guilds with short info in one sticky locked thread, and by clicking on guild name they will be sent to specific guild recruitment thread.

    This way guild recruitment threads do not have to be bumped, and current no bump rule can remain.

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    #1 As a few have hinted at we are currently weighing options of making Regional boards

    As I have already shared with you in a DM, we do permit the posting of meaningful updates in the thread. We do not permit messages such as the following:
    - bump
    - .
    - res
    A clean up effort was conducted over the past several weeks to remove spam, broken / duplicates, requests for deletion as well as these types of things. Please adhere to the Community guidelines. These can be found within my signature for ease of reference.
    Thank you,
  • If you want your guild thread to remain relevant, play a game with them. A forum game. My old RP guild during the long wait for TOR to get launched, we did forum RP. Just an example, of course.
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