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Never received kickstarter code to link accounts


sorry late with this just never had time to get around to this matter until now, well from google searches and reading some forum posts people received emails or codes to link their kickstarter account. Well I checked my emails like a mad man and never received any email saying it was auto linked or any code.

i purchased the braver of worlds package so I am a little confused if anyone else going through the same problem as myself? And if any help on what I should do.

thanks in advance.


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    edited August 2017
    The codes were sent from the email: [email protected] check again just in case; for gmail users it was either in spam or promotions tab.
    However if you still can not find it i suggest emailing intrepid using [email protected] 
    Good luck I hope they resolve your issue quickly!
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    Thank for the quick reply, I use hotmail, I'll send them an email now I've checked junk and normal emails and no luck with their no reply email hopefully they can sort this out as I did spend $450 to back them!

    edit: I emailed them, hopefully they respond in a couple days just to sort this out and give me a little peace of mind.
  • No problem and dont worry you're not the only one with this issue the others have gotten theirs resolved so you will too! :D 
  • Please let us know if you do not hear back within a few days. Usually it is a quick turn around time.


  • Just wanted to say they sorted me out and I linked my account, wow they were fast and efficient too, very very happy to have backed this game and to know they are on the ball when it comes to customer support, very happy customer!
  • Most excellent! Glad to hear that it is all sorted <3
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