Summer Crowdfunding link broken ?

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Hiya, been trying every day or so, but I'm unable to choose any of the Summer Crowdfunding bundles. Whenever I click a link it doesn't direct me anywhere or eventually it does and gives me Error 404.
Is the link broken or yet to be activated ?
Thanks !


  • I though Summer crowdfunding ended on June 21st or so?
  • Summer crowdfunding is over @Reeceyo10. The link should have been removed from the web site :)
  • Woops, thanks for the fast reply ! Is there any mention of another crowdfunding at all ?
  • All crowdfunding options have concluded. There will be stores that open sometime after PAX where you can buy items such as Alpha / Beta access and cosmetics. The link is still up there because KS backers can still upgrade the packages that they purchased.

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