I missed my Introduction!

Hey all! Some of you may have noticed me on discord lately. I'm a bit here and there atm as my pc is in for repairs, so phone FTW.
I'm from the land down under. Been a gamer since I was 3, so 30 years... Always wanted to be part of games development, was accepted into the first of its kind games course at university in Australia, however turned it down due to family issues and later picked up Robotic Engineering.
Loved the original style of MMO, ultima online and later vanilla WoW etc. Was a hardcore player in early WoW days and after having kids became more of a  Casual/Limited Time Player :-)
Loving the concept of Ashes and the work intrepid have produced thus far, so I backed the project with a Braver of Worlds pack, but still hope to gain an earlier Alpha key.
That's me for now, cheers guys and gals, catch you all in the community!


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