Deck of Many Things

Hi all just wanted to put something forward that ive been thinking about for a little while.. im fairly sure i heard one of the devs say they wanted to put something like a deck of many things into Ashes.. I love this idea.. i have an idea for the Death card and wanted to hear from others what they think should be some of the other cards.

My idea for the death card is this. When the player draws the card the surrounding area goes dar and there is a rip the shatters the sky not far from the player. Out steps a reaper (world boss) to which the player must kill or be killed. It would work like any other world boss with one difference.. as soon as the player dies death would despawn. So if people want to get the drops from this nc the card drawer must survive..

Anyway.. thats what i thought for this card.. what do you think?


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