Idea for the Monsters in the game

Almost every mmorpg i played so far used the monsters like a bots/tools(not giving them any meaning other then martirials gold and exp). Now i think responing monsters after killing them and just making them to stand in the same place and do the same thing every time is pretty boring. I would realy like to see monsters invading on cities and moving from a place to place while not responing after dying. Now i know you are mading some monster invading systems but i still think you can do more about the monsters meaning(like making them fighting for their life or invading cities exetra... Keep up the good work and thank you for this wonderfull game!
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  • We don't have many details, but what has been said about the AI in Ashes sounds promising for intelligent NPCs and mobs.
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    I hope also that we see intelligent and suprising AI to create different kind of encounters. Also i see in this monster coin system even more possibilities than just controlling some monster bosses. It could be implemented even further where more different kind of mobs could be controlled by other players. ;) 
  • What about a big sea monster type that lives underwater and will sink ships. When it's needed someone like Liam Neeson would "release" it and it would terrorize the coast line?

    That's a cool idea right?
  • From what I am reading you say, this does sound very much like the intended course that the DEV team is taking for AoC.
  • There will be roaming monsters trying to stop caravans, attack cities and such. Don't know how intelligent they will be but maybe something like rift?
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    In a dream game, I would want monsters/animals to "level" just as a players would. Monsters/animals should be able to grow with experience and unlock new abilities the more experience they accumulate. The monsters would be either nomadic or territorial. For example if a wolf pack wants more territory to hunt in for its pack, it will fight another pack of wolfs and take their territory. There would be some type of hunger meter for monsters/animals so they would go hunt for food and as a player I would be able to form strategies for monsters/animals that are hunting.

    Edit - But that is only in a dream game, I'm sure ashes of creations monsters will have an impact on the nodes that players are trying to form cities in.
  • I like the idea of the corrupted monsters, and from what I've seen, the boss monsters are very interesting too.
  • Very interesting thread! Like the monsters have their own agenda and are playing the game too. I like it!
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