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Missing Add-ons?

I don't know if this has already been answered it or I'm the only one with this situation but any answer will be helpful.

So my boyfriend and I both backed Ashes. He backed on kickstarter and did the explorer package, while I backed on the website purchasing a settler package. On his account, he has a list of extra items he can purchase . When I checked mine, there weren't any add on options. Is this because I purchased a larger package or because I did it on the Ashes website? Or is my account just broken?

This is such an awesome community! Thank you everyone for your help!


  • The addons were from the summer backing, which you purchased. Since he is kickstarter, he had the option to purchase the unique cosmetics from the summer backing. It did NOT work the other way. So that is why he can still addon/upgrade and you cannot. Working as intended.
  • At this time only a Kickstarter backer may still upgrade their initial pledge. This is indeed working as Intrepid has intended.

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