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Introduction post area... that thing I see on pretty much every forum but never bother to post in. Alright, well... let's see. My name is Anthony, but I go by Anthuny because Anthony is always taken just about everywhere. At this point I don't generally even bother to check if the proper spelling is available anymore because I'm sure everybody knows me better by this name. (Or they would if I was actually someone of note or bothered to post on forums)

As far as playing MMO's goes... I spent 11 years on RuneScape, surviving the radical changes in gameplay, the pandering to a specific part of the fanbase (that I wasn't part of) to the detriment of the others, and the fact that the game had an ever increasing amount of P2W. Until one day I thought to myself, "no more" and left. After that I started piddling about with Xbox and Steam games, until a friend mentioned the Kickstarter. After watching the videos and reading their plans for AoC, I was sold and excited for a new game that, at the very least, aspired to be unlike other MMO's in the way it was run. Which... judging by the overwhelming KS support and a few of the other introduction posts I perused, it seems that a lot of the other people here feel the same way. And... that's good?

So... I guess I'm in the same boat as most of the people here. Patiently awaiting the next couple of years to pass so we can see if this game lives up to all our expectations.

Or... was this supposed to be a personality thing? In which case...
Hello there! My name is Anthony! I spend too much time playing video games and aspire to get hired on at the low end of a gaming company (because I can't be bothered to go to college again for a computer degree after the way the first two colleges screwed me over) and then use my pretty damn good work ethic to hopefully work my way into a better position.

I generally don't use forums because I don't care much for the politics and celebrity statuses that go on in them between their members. Maybe because I grew up in small town where that's how the town worked and my family never drank the Koolaid or gave into the game. I don't know. I do enjoy treating people well for the sake of being good and helpful, but ass-kissing is a major no-no. Whether that be from me or towards me. For those of you who have decided to not post a comment here now, I apologize. It's not you, it's me.

I'm not the kind of person who enjoys PvP. If I wanted to kill people, I'd go play a shooter or something. If I'm playing a fantasy game,it's because I want to partake in the fantasy. In MMO's, I prefer non-combat skilling and questing above all else, with a slight bit of PvM on the side. Maybe even a boss on the rare occasion.

And... that's all that comes to mind at present.[/spoiler]


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