Invasion of MrNoNo

Hi to the whole AoC family,

Thought I better FINALLY make my "newly arrived" post,I've just been so caught up in the AoC whirlwind and trying to read anything and everything AoC related I haven't stopped to give a lil shout out and say hi the the AoC community, so here it is...   hi   :D

A lil bit on me,

I like to have fun and be a lil silly with a dash of something else (not sure what) but I do take my game time (when I have it) serious,not so serious that I can't take a joke or not handle being laughed at for being absolutely shit at something or have done something that warrants it,but I think I am able to gauge those moments properly and know when someone is poking fun for either the right or wrong reason and act accordingly,so for this,I know the AoC community won't have to worry (well not much) about my conduct as I have great self discipline,not having most of the social media that almost everyone on the planet use like facebook,twitter,snapchat and whatever other stuff people use is what helps me control the hype so I don't get all crazy and wanna flip out like some people I know IRL,I'm old school, all I need is my email and mobile to either call or text, I know lots of people can't do without or have grown up in this age of tech and that's all good,I personally don't need it is all I'm saying.

Anyways.. enough bullshit from me, I hope I can be a pillar in the AoC community and get to know a bunch of you (if ya have room for another scrub in your life :wink: ) if not,that's kool,i'll just be the lonely guy on the server in the guild for 1 making wagon wheels.. wagon wheel,eat the wagon wheel..  :D  

Thanks AoC famz from another aussie invader, we're coming..  BELIEVE!!!   :D


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