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Gender Locks?

I am sure this has been discussed already, and yeah I could search it, but to lazy right now.
I notice Mages and Clerics are female, and they gender locked...Please say no. I usually run a healing class in most MMO's and not feeling the gender lock of having to play a female character. 

Also will there be Dyes for armors, so when hitting higher tier armor we all don't look alike ?


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    edited August 2017
    Nope they're not gender locked. Armour is also not class locked either.

    Edit: Weapons are also not class locked either.

    For PAX they've set up just basic class templates to keep things simple.

    Edit #2: They've said it should be possible to dye armour in future.
  • Developer quotes from Discord:

  • There will be no race / gender / class locks.
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