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Open World PvP within the siege preparation time

So I got an idea for some fun open PvP, briefly before a node siege.

Within the preparation time you can decide to become a soldier of your node which flags you to soldiers of the enemy node. (Totally voluntary / PvE players don’t have to participate.)

Killing a solider of a rival node won’t change you to purple or red for players of an uninvolved node, but it will give your node some points.

With the end of the siege preparation time, the node with the most soilder-pvp-points (name needs to be changed LOL) gets a little buff in the siege, like npcs get 5% more HP. (shouldn’t change the fate of a siege, but it´d be cool if it matters u know :D).

After finishing the siege a soldier gets a little extra reward for helping out in the pre-siege-battles. Nothing great, just something nice to have, like a little bit of money, pots, crafting ingredients or PvP – reward points (if there is sth like that xD).


Yea that was actually just an idea of mine, it would be great if you could leave a comment and tell if you like the idea.

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