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Let's fight!

Wow! I loved the Pax trailer! I love the fighting and the slider. I loved the armor and the scenery. The legs are a little fat but that's okay. Everyone looks a little bottom heavy.

Anyway, let's fight! I can see by the demo how the strategy will work now.  Rangers attack from far away to avoid proximity attacks, opposing Tanks pull them in. Mages freeze Tanks to stop them tugging on people. Clerics heal. Maybe freezing the Cleric might be better. It depends how long the freeze lasts. So much strategy! I can see some pretty epic battles going on here and we haven't even seen what the other classes can do yet. 

However, you can't just fight constantly forever. Or can you? I see a lot of teamwork in the game. Maybe people will have certain times to fight, like, we all meet up at noon and fight for an hour. Before that you can do what you want. Craft, trade, play with your freehold, whatever, then at noon we all fight. Afterwards we all work on node quests to further the city for an hour, then you get free time again. I can see something like that.  


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