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Information on Benefits of a Pure Class

Hi. Can someone please direct me to what the developers are thinking about pure classes like a Bard / Bard? What are the plus-ups and/or benefits? Thanks. Goudaboy Anklebiter.


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    edited August 2017

    It will work the same as picking augments from other classes, but the augments you'll choose from will be from the bard augments xD
    so example 

    Bard Skill Ribbity Ribbit : plays a song does blah blah~
    You picked Bard as your secondary archetypes so you can choose from 
    Bard Augments
    1. Bard flavouring A
    2. Bard flavouring B
    3. Bard flavouring C

    So in short your Bard skills will be more bard like- where as if you chose mage as you're secondary archetype your augmentation choices would be mage flavourings xD
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