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The Arcadia Chronicles- Chapter 1

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Disclaimer: This story contains elements that may be unsettling to readers. Those include racism and sexism.
Upon the arrival of the sun, ushering in a new day, the ruins of the smoldering village was caked with destruction. The carefully built homes laid in ashes and burning rubble. A child's wail echoed in the distance. The village seemed almost abandoned as hell ravaged the town.

The City Guard has been called in from the nearest kingdom in order to search for survivors. These men were armed with iron armor and steel blades, with the exception of a few archers. They searched for hours with no luck. The Captain of the Guard remained on his stallion and went around the backroads of the village. He glanced left and right, desperately searching for any source of survival.

All of a sudden, a pile of wood began to shift and a series of coughs could be heard.

The captain of the guard quickly glanced as he saw the pile of wood tremble with movement. He quickly got off his horse and ran over to the pile. Through the small holes in the wooden prison, he could see the skin of a survivor.

"Hey," he shouted loudly, "I found a survivor!"

The captain quickly grabbed a piece of wood on top, deeming it the heaviest, and pushed on it with all of his might to free the survivor. As the wood was removed, it revealed that it was no human, but an elf.

The elf opened his eyes slowly with a soft groan. The elf appeared to not be bleeding much, but his face had received bruises and scratches from the debris. The elf tried raising his hand to rub his forehead, but he winced from the pain and quickly gave up this effort.

"Careful," said the captain, "your arm may have suffered injuries."

The elf nodded, "I see. What happened?"

The guards finally arrived to the location of the two, but the captain motioned for them to stand back. Obediently, they accepted this command with no sign of refusal.

The captain looked back at the elf, "The village was attacked. What that cause is, I do not know. But..."

The elf looked at him in the eye with a sense of curiosity, "But what?"

The captain shrugged, "Never expected to see an elf. I thought this realm was populated by only the Kaelar and the Vaelune. What are you?"

"Empyrean," replied the elf, "I was born in this village, actually. People were kind and different, according to my mother."

"Well, it's still a relief to see some sort of life."

"No one else survived?" the elf asked.

The captain shook his head with the elf falling into a period of silence as he mourned the loss of his beloved village. The captain offered help up, which the elf gladly accepted. The two hopped up on horseback, as one of the guards came up to the horse.

The captain noticed and asked, "Any news, Reginald?"

"We searched every area, but no one else could be found," he then noticed the pointed ears of the elf, "an elf is the only survivor?"

"Yeah," the captain responded, "I'm taking him back to the capital."

"I'll stay here with Kodrik, Darwin, and Edward."

The captain nodded, "keep the search up. We'll rendezvous back in Raelson."

Reginald nodded as the two rode off to the capital. As he saw the captain disappear beyond the wooded path, Reginald took off his iron helmet to reveal a look of disgust. The other three looked at Reginald.

"You know what I'm thinking, Reginald?" Kodrik asked.

"Aye brother, I do. How is it that not one human has survived this attack, yet a Pyrian gets the better of us?" Reginald asked.

"Devils," Kodrik sneered, "the corruption manifested into a single spawn."

"Might be a spy from the Wysterian Confederation to the southwest." Darwin remarked.

The three continued their banter of the elf. Edward soon saw a heavy cloud coming in from the west, drowning the bottom in darkness.

The three ended up laughing while Edward closed his eyes and contemplated on the darkness that has yet to come.
Thanks for reading! Sorry that it is short. I wanted to see if you guys enjoyed it and wanted to see more, before progressing further with the story. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!


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