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rewards from kickstarter baking

i didnt recieved any rewards of my kickstarter baking.

i have bought the founder package for 150 $

pls give me informations about that. 


  • I have moved this post to the correct location for support. - when you look there, do you see your $150 package listed?
    • If yes, you are good to go for now and as things are released you will see them.
    • If no, did you receive your code from [email protected] via the email you backed Kickstarter with. Subject line would be Ashes of Creation Kickstarter Key Fulfillment?
    If you have not yet redeemed your code, look in your email, especially SPAM / Promotions folder. The email from Intrepid contains your code and the instructions to redeem.

    If you do not find the email then send an email to [email protected], include your kickstarter receipt, email address used to purchase and request that your code be resent.

    let us know if you have any additional questions or issues.

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