Regarding the castles and sieges, is there going to be any customization with layout or defense. Personally I'd liked to see possible changes that may be unlockable depending on how well your guild has been doing in recent days. For example we could get given a generic fort to defend but completing certain tasks and defending successfully against attackers could give the option to add moats, draw bridge, add towers, swap defenses or rearrange them, oil etc. This post is mostly just to start a dialogue and getting people thinking about forts specifically as I see a lot of games having forts but not really giving any options to allow for real strategy or tactics. I hope AoC brings more to the table than just having conquerable points on the map that you get a lot of options for attacking them but not so much when defending.


  • Player built structures beyond guild halls and freeholds like your forts idea were kicked around and rejected. Was talk of guild halls having a limited function during guild wars like it though, but may be a future development goal after live launch. Options for defending those conquerable points are outlined below. Other information is out there if you look.

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