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Freeholds around nodes

So a question concerning freeholds around nodes. So what ive heard from interviews at PAX and such is that all players will be able to place a freehold around a node. Im just curious if we will be seeing a system similar to player housing in AA where people have chaotic ugly neighborhoods that take up a ton of landscape. Any more insight on this?


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    I could definitely see this happening when the node reaches the level 6 metropolis stage. Lots of people trying to benefit from the large node. Hopefully there will be sufficient area to build the holds in the zone around the city. If the neighborhoods start flaring up then we will just have to call for a raid to tear the city down and move to new nodes ha.
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    There are several restrictions on freehold placement, I will try to find the quotes and link them later. If you are thinking of the urban sprawl that was prevalent in SWG and others where basically player owned structures ringed the npc cities at the very edge of the exclusion zone, then no. They are accounting for that in the allocation of freehold possible placement. Also since terrain will give certain benefits to freeholds, and you can only have one PER ACCOUNT, people are going to much choosier where they throw down their housing. You may still see small clusters, but not huge neighborhoods.

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