@Intrepid ... About the Character Models in PAX Pre-Alpha Tutorial Video ...

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First & Foremost, that was the Best Pre-Alpha I've seen out of any other MMO in their Pre-Alpha Stage ( Literally  o:)  )


I'm not sure if the Engine was in the  ... " Customize-able Phase " ...but can your continue to use the Character Models used previously ?

Such as:

And many others 

Including the Mage's & Cleric's Face

Think this was Better

But really cheering for you guys at Intrepid !!!!  o:)o:)o:)o:)


  • Hey,

    Anyone else notice the derpy faces during the PAX class introduction video?

    Damn creepy... :D
  • Rannekk said:

    Anyone else notice the derpy faces during the PAX class introduction video?

    Damn creepy... :D

    Yes, Intrepid noticed too.  :P  They were improved by the next build that they actually played at PAX.
  • Hahah. Thats pretty funny. 

    You at PAX? 
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    Wish i had know that sooner  >x<
  • Did you see the part where they described staying up till 4am the night before trying to get the servers stable for PAX because the mages ponytail was clipping through terrain and causing all sorts of graphical errors? It was a monumental effort to get something playable out in that short amount of time, and people choose to focus on poor Miss Butterface. Everyone was told it would be unpolished pre-alpha. Yet all we get are "OMG, why o why wasn't it more polished." They realized that the mage looked like crap and spent even more time to make it look better in the actual gameplay. Was too late to change the canned clip that ran on repeat.
  • Intrepid didn't do a have bad job for creating a playable Pre-Alpha for us. Characters will need to be updated for sure, but I don't think that's on top of their todo list at the moment. 

    They've got 3 and half months work before they'll launch the Alpha 0 and I'm guessing they'll want to a lot of basic principles in-game to show those who are lucky enough to get keys what's the plan. I personally would rather have generic looking characters with solid gameplay, than amazing graphics and terrible gameplay.

    That mage though...
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    Why stare at the mantle piece when you are poking the fire.
    The faces were cringeworthy true, but it wasnt a big deal for me.
    Extreme eye candy wasnt really the aim of Pax.
    Such things are for final release.

    I dont know why they stressed out fixing them to be honest. :)
  • anytime you put your product up for the public to see it opens it up to criticism.  i have been lurking and watching this game for awhile and while i love the idea of this game, public perception is more powerful than any awesome game mechanic or ad campaign.  i hope that the next time this game releases something for public consumption it really shines to make up for this "first impression"
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