Swords on the Back

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Swords on the Back
Im pretty sure you see this all the time in games or movies and it does not make sense because its mostly shown with Longswords and they are too long for this - which makes it hard to impossible to unsheathe them. If the sword is longer than your arm there is no way to pull it off a full lenght scabbard.

Now some of you may say - but what about Zweihänder or Claymores?
*because two-handed weapons are carried on the back.

Weapons on the scale of a claymore or a zweihänder were removed from their baldric only before going into training or combat. By that, I mean that the entire baldric was removed before the weapon was drawn. Otherwise, such weapons would be worn "across the shoulder" (in this case, across the shoulder on one's back) while outside of combat or on the march. I recall reading about the Landsknecht of 15th century Germany possessing such "over the shoulder" baldrics.

So, what is Ashes going for?

The Fantasy Style that makes no sense (in most cases) or a more realistic style?


  • Well some sheathes had part of the side cut out so that the sword could be removed from the middle of the sheath instead of the very top. 

    What I'm more concerned with is swords, shields and bows floating on your back or waist. 
  • In a world with magic, there is always invisible velcro. Damn them crafty mages!
  • You are going to ride your sword like a Hogwart's broom.
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    And who prevents to remove a sword from a back and after that to pull out from its sheath?) Use imagination)
  • Why not have two swords on your side and one on you back just to look even more of a bad ass 
  • Good point for the animators.  This would be cool.

    epic cinematography opportunities.
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    Anything is doable with magic.
    Ashes is High Fantasy; not Historical Fiction.
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