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Guild for Germany/Europe

Hello my fellow mmorpg addicted nerds <3.
I saw many Guild recruits already, which i personally think is epic and never thought 
someone would start it that early before the game. So i searched around a lil and i already 
wrote to some people that id think about joining or help building their guild.
Though i recently noticed that im not sure if the game will have servers for only ( NA/EU/OC) etc. 
So ive been thinking wouldnt it be better to start an own guild here in Europe, or even better just for german people ( not necessarily tho).
Id love to see if there are some people that have the same interests and would want to build something like that.

I want to try to have guild that has mostly members who share the passion for this game, for lore, competitive gameplay, lots of silly stuff xD and most importantly try to become a really big impactfull guild people will know or remember.

U can discuss below, write me a pn or add me on Discord : Liam1333#5168

Id love to chat with everybody who has same thoughts or ideas <3_<3


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    Hey, I sent you a friend request on Discord to talk about it. ^^
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    ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited September 2017
    Hi, I'd like to join. But im not from germany, my english isnt the best.
    And just in cause im not +18 y/o :v. Anyways i want to join to your guild xD.
    I sent you a friend request :D
    My Discord id: yzziFukU#2839
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