World/Node Event Ideas

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So these are a couple ideas for possible Node/World events that players could take part in.

1. Plague of Locusts
Locusts attack a node that is known for its fertile fields, decimating crops. To stop the plague players must band together and slay the queen who is producing them. If queen is not destroyed within a certain period all crop growth halted for a certain period of time.

2. Water Spirits Fury
A pack of sea creatures(dolphin like) appear near the coast, they are non-aggro and are generally peaceful. Players start to kill them for their sought after drop(meat) that is used to make a particularly good buff food. Killing too many of the pack angers a water spirit, who starts to produce whirlpools, making the fishing in the area particularly dangerous. Player must either defeat the incredibly powerful spirit or appease it through tribute in the form of killing the packs natural enemy(maybe shark like creature) for their teeth.

3. Roaming Horde
A band of nomadic enemies appears on the outskirts of a wealthy commerce node. Node citizens can either band together to try to defeat the nomads, or pay tribute(straight cash) to avoid the attack. Enemies of the node could pay them more to supplement their forces in a siege attempt if not dealt with by the node citizens.

4.  Winter Has Come To Stay
Winter has come as it has before but this time something is causing it to stay. A powerful sorcerer has placed a perpetual winter curse, allied with ice giants, and has decided to have them invade from their usual northern territories. Without springs arrival herbs and crops are unable to be grown. Players could ally with one another and push north to defeat the sorcerer themselves or enlist the aid of a fire spirit who accepts tribute in the form of ice giants trophies.


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    Yep. All of those are likely planned - (though your creatures may be a bit too specific).
  • Dygz said:
    Yep. All of those are likely planned - (though your creatures may be a bit too specific).
    Yea I agree with the creatures, just used more as an example.
  • Day of the dead, if you day you become one of them. :)
  • I like these ideas, here is some more..

    Undead Pirate invasions! Lich Lord in the guise of a pirate king invades a economic node for its gold.

    Peace diety kidnaps military nodes NPCs and raids are needed to steal them back

    anti tech riots (luddite) break down technological nodes

    Dark Sorcerer steals totems of diety in divine node

  • day of the dead come to mind ^^
  • day of the dead lol, it will be interesting to see the events they have planned unfold in different ways depending on how individual servers handling them.
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