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Can you attach my AoC account with my Discord?

I am a Leader of Man founder. I'm not sure if there are any discord channels related to Leader of men or lower but if there is I never got the two accounts combined. is there a way for me to get access to those channels/features on discord without making a discord account with that email?

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    Hi @Winstonwlk, right now there is no facility to link your pledge level to Discord, but this may be possible in future.
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    As Lexmax has said the leader of men has no extra discord channels, people who purchased Royalty and above packs gain access to the Phoenix initiative channel. 

    as for your discord and website emails, they can be different. there is no linking of the ashes website and discord currently.


  • Many Thanks Guys!!! While I was at PAX I met jeff and Steve, they told me to stay in contact over discord after i told them I was a Leader of men founder. I thought they told me which channel so naturally i thought it was an exclusive one :D. anyway that clears that up.

    Once again Thanks :). Thumbs up for both of you!
  • steven and the team drop into the discord fairly often and have a chat with the whole community, some times Steven gives us some leaks in there so it's definitely a great place to be in. The link for it is if your not joined up already 

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