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In the final darkness.

Just before the last node collapsed... in that final desperate light. The reality flickered for just a moment. Time slowed down. Near a complete stop, then reversal, flashes, moments of calm... reality and screams... long... yours. Childhood and warm sun, fresh rain on a hot day.... fire and war, fear and anger. Flash back with a sickening jolt to a dim light with an unnatural sun.  The final battle is being lost. Your strength is burning inside you, going full tilt. Your strikes are true, you carve a path but no one is left to follow. You can hear it... subtle at first, delicate cracks, like a fine wine glass in ice, the node... its nearing the inevitable end, the event horizon has been surpassed. You know now the end has come, there is no turning back. What now in these final moments matter... hope... I need something. I feel it like a sickness in a cold dark, no fear do I have.... yet still I feel it growing, In the darkness all alone I reach out..... for what.... there is no torch to light my darkness, no  magic spell. Hope... just then in the final moments.... hope....  darkn.....


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