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[Podcast] From The Ashes Episode 19: Making MMOs Great Again

From The Ashes Episode 19: Making MMOs Great Again – The Ashes of Creation podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join Aggelos and Thais, the Founders of The Dungeon Crawler Network, as they bear witness the rebirth of the MMORPG genre from the ashes of an industry that has left gamers behind!

This week, Aggelos is joined by Isarii, the Errant Penman himself, as well as creation of Ashen Foundry, Atropos, Sinbad of Vengeance and finally Telchar of Sons of the Seven. The crew got together for this special post-PAX episode to go over the Making MMOs Great Again panel on Sunday September 3rd, 2017 at PAX West in Seattle, Washington.

If you would like to check out our guests, follow the links below:

Ashen Foundry – Website – Twitter

Errant Penman – Website – Twitter

Sons of the Seven – Website

Vengeance – Website – Discord

Show Notes:

  • The Phoenix Roundtable: Making MMOs Great Again

Podcast Information:

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  • Just got around to listening. Another great podcast guys! 
  • lexmax said:
    Just got around to listening. Another great podcast guys! 
    Thanks so much @lexmax :D Glad you enjoyed it! We spent WAY more time on one question then we had originally planned....
  • NIce podcast guys
  • I enjoyed this episode a lot. <3 I love it when your answer evolves as you answer a question. Reaching a whole different conclusion then when you'd be alone. The hallmark of a great dialogue :)
  • Thanks @Camnesia and @Ariatras! I know we spent so much time on like one question because our discussion kept leading us deeper and deeper :D
  • Another enjoyable show.  Hoping more info does come out about crafting; glad alts have been confirmed.  As far as Alpha testers if they don't know what to expect perhaps they can learn.  I once saw a video where a guy explained the job of being an Alpha tester.  Perhaps y'all can do a podcast explaining what testers should do and expect (even though that subject was touched on).
  • Great pod cast thanks for making it. I look forward to every one.
  • Excellent idea @T-Elf! I added that to my list of topics for sure! That is something we 100% should touch on. So many people today see "alpha" and think the game will be playable because companies who import Korean games call it alpha when the game has already been out in Korea for YEARS and it is just a localization effort. People get a false impression of what alpha truly is.

    @Relwoh Thank you my friend! So glad we have such a faithful group of listeners each week! Brings joy to this old podcaster's heart!
  • Aggelos said:
    Thanks @Camnesia and @Ariatras! I know we spent so much time on like one question because our discussion kept leading us deeper and deeper :D
    And don't ever stop doing that <3 Keep on going deeper.....amirite? ;)
  • Once again another great podcast!  

    T-Elf had a good idea in that perhaps you could do podcast explaining what Alpha testing really is.  

    Thanks for all your thoughtful and informative work!  
  • Not only what real Alpha testing is, but how you can go about testing.  I'm not sure how much direction Intrepid will give.  Some games tell you what they want tested and others just throw you in there with no direction.  So suggestions of what testers should be looking for and taking notes, etc. will help those who really want to contribute to making a good game but may be new to the experience.
  • Are there tester forums by the way?
  • Good show, good interaction among the guests. Enjoying the conversations.

    re: limited Alts

    While a subject for its own thread this could be an option for different servers; some for alt-o-holics, others limited to one or two toons. Would be an interesting social experiment especially considering how servers can/will diverge from each other.

  • Absolutely! A little sneak peak for those here but I spoke with a few developer friends who are going to come onto the show with me and do a little "What they look for in QA testing personal" as well as to give us things that testers can do to be an effective tester.

    @Morashtak Yeah, I personally, am not an alt-o-holic but I know some are but as you said an interesting experiment because when you toss in alts the economy can take quite a hit. People who can roll alts to do the various crafting disciplines effectively become a Robinson Crusoe by not needing to spend much money in the economy. By limiting alts, you effectively are creating more demand from players who cannot just make items themselves.
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