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Combo Bar - Draws attention away from Combat, here's a solution.

I understand what the devs are doing here and it's a good idea but it's currently designed to draw the eye away from the combat and look at the bottom of the screen.

Here's a suggestion:

Have the combo bar show up as a semi-circle around the target so your eyes remain on the combat. It's a similar design to dead by daylight.



  • Another solution could be to put an sound indicator; maybe multiple options to choose from as a player for this kind of combo system.
    At least I also would prever not to loose sight to the battle field I probably should be aware of.
  • They did say during Pax that the combo bar would be completely customizable to the players wants. So if they're putting that out there at assume it's safe to say they plan on sticking with it. However you will be able to reposition it change it from a bar to a circle or other shape and make it more or less transparent. Though I do agree they should add a sound feature to it or at least a color change feature so that you only have to wait for the sound or visible change
  • Like S1ugTrail mentioned above, Jeffrey answered this question during a butt cam moment during the PAX livestream. He was taking questions off of Twitch. (Paraphrasing) "The bar was put there as a placeholder in the UI for PAX, it is in no way finished, while you will see it change, the underlying mechanic will NOT be going away." Will they listen to feedback during alpha and beta and change it? Definitely. Will the mechanic go away entirely? Not likely. Steven said that they are willing to listen to feedback once people have had a chance to play with it during testing during the PAX panel. Maybe we will get more clarification in tomorrows livestream (doubtful)
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