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Arctic Empire- [NA] PvX Semi-Hardcore

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Who are we?

Arctic Empire is a Semi-Hardcore, North American based guild with the intent of making the most of all the content that Ashes of Creation has to offer.

Why choose Arctic Empire?

Because we are a family of gamers who want nothing more than to have more friends to play with! We will be a master of all trades from pvp to crafting. No one will be left out in pursuing the game style they wish to play. 

What is our objective?

Our objective is to be as good as we can, without the sacrifice of fun in game. We will organize PVP raids, dungeon runs, crafting jobs, and more as our numbers grow. We also plan to hold our own node, defend it when needed and enjoy the game to its fullest.

Who are we looking for?

Arctic is looking for fun individuals who would like to play with us. We have open leadership positions and a place for anyone who is awesome! The only thing we expect from our members aside from fun is a level of maturity. Open levels of opportunity for all manners of players, crafters and pvpers alike. Our castle will hold whomever gives their loyalty and time to an ever growing guild, within its walls.

Guild Constitution:

Our Mission

Our mission in Arctic Empire is to provide a mature, fun, somewhat competitive atmosphere to all of our members. We are running the guild with a strong mindset which shows in our form of leadership and play style.

Our Promise

We promise to do our best to expose all of our members to as much content as possible in Ashes of Creation. We will work hard to achieve as much as we can so that the words “win" and “fun” can be used interchangeably while playing together. 

General Leadership Expectations:

  • Consistently online and available for meetings, events, etc..

  • Maintains a mature, drama free environment

  • Pushes others to succeed in their goals in game

  • Maintain level headedness in times of dispute or hardships within guild

  • Promotes a fun atmosphere where members can feel welcome.

  • Has general knowledge of all game mechanics, content, and features and is actively trying to spread information to the rest of the guild.

Guild Leader:

  • Acts as the face of the guild

  • Maintains relationships with other guilds

  • Provides information to members of Arctic Empire transparently, and accurately.

  • Sets the example of Guild decorum

Vice Leader:

  • Maintains relationships with other guilds

  • Provides information to members of Arctic Empire transparently, and accurately.

  • Sets the example of Guild decorum


  • Sets the example of Guild decorum

  • Spreads awareness of the aspect of AoC they are in charge of within the guild (PVE, PVP, Crafting, etc…)

  • Takes charge of specific guild events depending on their officer position

Member Expectations

  • Has the ability to behave in a mature environment.

  • Actively participates in guild events

  • Takes the initiative to make oneself better in game

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