Greetings Everyone,

Hello everyone, 
  Excited to be here, It is the first time in a long time that i can honestly say that i am excited to be part of a MMO community again. Like many of you i traveled along the paths of MMOs over the years and found my self increasingly disappointing in content as time time has progressed. I began my time playing MMORPGS back in 2001 playing Korean games and progressing into the early version of wow and almost every other game in the category from that point forward. Nothing has come close to those original days, However a glimpse of hope was on the horizon when i heard about Ashes,  Having a chance to play the game and speak to some staff at the booth of pax 2017 in seattle. I can honestly say i am beyond excited for this game to launch. i missed the kick start but bought one of everything at the booth haha.  I saw players smiling and geeking out about this games potential. All i can say is i believe. I look foward to watching this community grow and supporting the devs and playerbase in any way i can.

Take care all 


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