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Is the world going to be wiped for launch

Do we know if the world and the characters that people have been developing during the alphas and betas will wiped for the official launch?


  • It is usual practice that alpha and beta servers are wiped.

    In AoC, the only exception will be Alpha 2 Servers which are consistent, but that will be the test server alongside the live servers.
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    No, they can't. Considering how many systems need to be developed and iterated on, characters today will be nothing like they will at launch, the underlying data structure will evolve... so no way to keep 'em!
  • It should be.

     I don't think people will be bothered with it.
  • Has been stated a couple times that alphas and betas will be wiped more than once during testing phases. There will be another wipe just before live launch and the Alpha/Beta server will become the test server. The live servers, including the headstart servers have nothing to do with the alpha/beta server. Everyone starts fresh.

    -Do we have confirmation that upon "full release(open to all persons)" there will be a complete server wipe of everything that was done in alpha/beta?
    <span>+of course</span>

  • Thank you @unknownsystemerror , that is correct. Intrepid has confirmed in multiple messages.


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