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Official Live stream Q&A Question Thread – September 15th, 2017

Hey, everyone! 

Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during this Friday's (15th)  Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT / 10:00 PM UTC / 8:00 AM AEST. 

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 
Thanks for your help!

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  • What is the timetable for name reservation? Will it happen before Alpha 1, or just before Live?
  • Apart from PvP corruption affecting your character's appearance, what other plans do you have for supporting player aesthetics in game for those of us not into griefing? Or will "dark/evil" characters need to visit the cash shop to obtain the look they are after?
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    Do you plan on finishing all the skills on the first four classes and polishing them, before starting on the next four?


  • When will the Racial Buttons and clothing merchandise become purchaseable in your Store?
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    How long will players be able to play Alpha 0 and future Alpha's? Has the team already though how long they're going let player's test. Please think month or more xD

    Follow up question, From your experience and feedback from Pax. What can you share that you are already changing or fixing from the feedback/idea's you got from your new and fan base players?
  • Will cosmetic mount skins be potentially available in the in-game store upon release? If so, any chance on having any of them be limited time so that only the original players will have been able to obtain it?
  • (My name is pronounced as Jura - if you go to say it ^^)

    Anyhoo I've seen a bit of confusion over a few points so I'll start with this.

    1. Can you confirm what happens to a Death in PvE? There has been debate as to whether the random spawn also applies to death in PvE. We understand the experience debt occurs but some clarification on death in PvE for spawning would be helpful. X

  • Are we going to have bagpipes for bards?
  • Congratulations on a successful PAX showing!  With how well that went, will you consider going to PAX South next?  (Others also want PAX East and PAX Aussie)

    Also, when will Bacon's discord name be golden?
  • Akezhar said:
    Are we going to have bagpipes for bards?
    I like this question xD
  • As nodes are an important aspect of the game to make it unique, will we see a different position of Nodes and type of Nodes between pesistant Alpha and Live to keep the game fresh and new for exploration, instead of a already laid out map that everybody will know who follows the game and thus running instantly to these Nodes instead of having to level Nodes to level 1 to see what kind of Node it will be?
  • Will we be able to sheath weapons/instruments or will they always be in the character's hand?
  • When will we get some confirmed crafting professions.
  • What are the 6 winning numbers for the Euromilion draw for next Friday, 15-09-2017?
  • What do they consider to be the primary roles (i.e. are they sticking with the trinity or moving past that) in a group for AoC and how does each archetype fit into those roles?
  • Are you going to get rid of the sweet spot bar from combat and look for another way to accomplish the same effect?
  • Will we be able to usurp our node leader(s) and claim power before the next leadership cycle begins?
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    If you go through with your plan to not provide an in game parser, what other tools will be available for players looking to maximize their performance?
  • Is there any concrete timeline regarding blog posts? We still have the node series at 2/4 and now the group dynamics series at 1/2. Blog posts are an excellent way of giving your vision in concrete terms, and are almost as important as your live streams- I would love to see more of these about anything and everything!
  • Can I explicitly focus on trade skills in-game and become just as powerful or influential as I would by gear grinding pve/pvp?
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    Can you discuss what type of in-game mechanics you are planning for node politics, like for example are there cooperative agreements that 2 or more nodes may make with each other?


  • Will there be a separate way to earn access to Alpha 0, other than the weekly drawings, if we want to help test the game and provide support and feedback throughout the development process?
  • What do you think about a crouch/crawl mechanic that significantly impairs movement but hides your name plate like in some survival games? Could potentially add some extra depth to combat engagement in terms of hiding, ambushing and scouting.
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    What the price difference between a house in the city and a freehold?
  • When I die someone else dies, that is, when I inevitably slaughter another player because I didn't like his face, do I get loot rights to that player's corpse?  
    Or is it a free-for-all?  
    Or some sort of loot timer for the person who gets the kill, before it becomes open season?
    Or some other option I didn't consdier? 
  • In terms of character customisation and RP, will I be able to "hide" the armour in the head slot? And will there be a option for cosmetic armour slots that offer no stats - they are just purely cosmetic. 
  • Will there be Blimps in the game and will they be Turbo?
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    Will there be nodes for resource quality as in will certain areas have better quality wood than others?
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    (Question answered helpfully by @UnknownSystemError)
  • how big is the World? How long takes it to travel the longest way  from point to point? will it be mins? or hours? and is the world from the start completly free to travel?
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