To Forge an Empire - Part 1

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In the closing days of the first era, there were three Lords that were locked in bitter combat with each other. With each passing moment, the threat of a direct assault on their respective cities seemed to be eminent. Hundreds died each month, children were orphaned, wives grieved for their fallen husbands; in short: the world was dying.

It all began with the death of King Reginald Varok IV. He ruled as a benevolent leader among those in the Arcadian Highlands. Next to him were his three sons and one daughter. On his deathbed, he proclaimed that each of them were destined to rule the Empire.

The oldest son was Antonius. While he was the oldest, he was often ignored in favor of Reginald's youngest son Alexander. He became the lord over the northernmost region of the Varokian Empire and had planned to run it militarily. He believed that true power was gained through control and raised a massive army.

The second youngest was Veritas, who believed that a true king should be decided based upon how willing he is to care and protect the people of the kingdom. He was admired, but easily overlooked by his brothers. He ruled over the east.

The youngest was known as Alexander. He believed in a realm where the kingdom should be ruled based upon democracy and the will of the people. He was often favored by his father over his other sons due to his skill and knowledge that the people come first; a trait his father also had. He gain influence and ruled the south.

Finally, Reginald's only daughter, Vercena, believed in a world that was dominated by prosperity through trade and diplomacy. She, unlike Veritas and Alexander, admired Antonius and the two grew very close. She settled in the west and led her people through economic prosperity.

At the death of the King, the four sat down in the capital city of Rein and discussed how they would fulfill their father's wishes. Immediately, Alexander stood and declared that he was the rightful heir due to the fact that he knew more about ruling a kingdom than any of them. The oldest finally had enough of his brother's boastfulness and declared that due to tradition, the oldest would inherit the throne. Vercena and Veritas both demanded that they have a moot to discuss negotiations and to decide who the rightful ruler was.

Each went back to their respective cities and thought about the subject. Each sibling sent ravens back and forth, delivering messages of promise and intrigue, however they never did agree on any of the terms.

Two months had passed before Vercena decided to meet with Antonius. When she arrived at his castle, she greeted him with kindness and positivity. He asked if she had any solution to the issue, and she said that she had not the faintest idea what to do without starting a war. Antonius smirked and looked at her and claimed that war wouldn't be an issue for him.

Frightened, Vercena stepped back and asked what he was planning. He announced to her that his army was marching southwest and he intended to take the kingdom through conquest. Before she could escape the room, Antonius stabbed her in the chest with a dagger and she died knowing that Antonius, her own brother, killed her.

News of her death reached Alexander to the south and he declared war on Antonius. When Alexander's army arrived at Vercena's city, it was already taken by Antonius. He knew that Antonius's army was the strongest on Verra and called on Veritas to help him. He agreed to help his brother. On that night, the Varokian Empire crumbled, and the Great War began.


  • Great read, I almost missed it due to it being in a lore sub forum. 
  • Yes - a fine start. Can't wait fot the next episode!

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    I was thinking that, however I thought it appeared better in the lore section due to it being a non-canon backstory. Which makes me think that fitting into the lore section is okay.
  • Either way, it's a great read. Please keep it up. 
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