ShopKeeper NPCs Strike Back

If Neutral NPCs can be a attacked ( NPCs such as Vendors, Quests-givers, etc .. )

A Suggestive A.I. idea,

If a Shopkeeper is attacked by a Player, the Shopkeeper will respond through a series of " Warnings " - all being " Binding-Spells " ( abilities that Ensnare/ Prevent something )
  • Gust of Wind, to Blow back the Attacker at a considerably-long-distance
  • Electric Paralysis, to prevent the Attacker from moving
  • Frost of Blistering Cold, to prevent movement & casting 
  • Flameguard, a " Pulse " of Flames ; eminating a ... " hypnotic-like Ember/ Flame in the Form of a Barrier "
  • Gaia's Protection, Vines with Sharp-leaves appearing from the ... " Magical-Abyss " will ensnare & cut the Attacker ; a series  of cuts with enough force to push the Player Back gradually 
And then it could grow from there - gradually getting more & more defensive. The Abilities will start off not* inflicting damage. But if the Attacker persist, they soon will inflict damage.

btw, hoping that NPC ShopKeepers won't die quickly - it'll actually be " near-equivalent " to NPC Guardsman.

Just a suggestion xD. What do you think ?


  • Hi,

    I like engaging NPCs.  :)

    In the same vein of suggestions:

    • If you poke the NPC, the NPC pokes you back.
    • Have a fashion critic NPC.  Maybe it heckles players who are missing an armor slot, or if the players armor is from different sets it makes fun of the player for not matching.  If they have a legendary, it can freak out.

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    tugowar said:
    If you poke the NPC, the NPC pokes you back.

    Luls  :D
  • Random NPC interaction with players would be a nice addition, as long as it is not the generic "Hello (insertname), nice to see you again!" or "That armor looks great on you, (insertname)." that is usually just spamming your chat interface every time you walk by an NPC.
  • According to Steven, NPCs are only killable during a siege.
  • I can already see roleplayers having deathmatches with shopkeepers for their stories. That aside, it would be really cool. If someone tried to attack me and my business that I feed my family with, I would also fight back as well as I can.
  • After some years of Skyrim, I have a horror of re-encountering a NPC shopkeeper who intones 'Some may call these junk - me, I call them 'Treasures!'. . . I swear I WILL de-sub immediately if that ever happens! I'd rather the shop just opens to me without comment after the first time or two, rather than endlessly hear an innane comment endlessly repeated (in the end I turned all volume off on Skyrim, it drove me that crazy as a regular trader!).
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    A swift kick to the grapevine or a slap around the face, would indeed be refreshing.
    Even selling you fake goods.
  • No...Just make them not attackable or give players a big penalty if they choose to kill them. Otherwise, the grieving in the game will just be a game In and of itself. 
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  • @Glosterian in EQ2 you can choose to have NPCs only say their spiel once per time you are in the zone.  We should be so lucky to have the same option.
  • lexmax said:
    According to Steven, NPCs are only killable during a siege.
    What about wandering NPCs ? like NPCs not in a Town ? besides the NPC PvE Opponents. 
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