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Release Date

I looked everywhere but could not find the release date for it.
It looks fantastic. 

Is it free to play or pay to win?
Is there a subscription charge; how much? 


  • @Build the exact release date is not known yet. It's still in Pre-Alpha, but the plans are release before 2020. Alpha 0 (Invite only) is starting December 15th this year and Alpha 1 is Q4 2018.

    The game will have no box cost with a subscription fee(Exact cost not known yet)
  • @boci I appreciate the answer and your time. How do i get invited to an alpha? Do you know if we get an X amount of days to play the game for free e.g. 30 days before we have to purchase a pack to keep playing
  • Alpha 0 has weekly drawings from random users on the forum and random viewers of their livestream, which is today at 3 pm PDT. Alpha 1,2 and beta 1,2 were sold in their kickstarter pack and Alpha 2 and Beta 2 are currently in their PAX pack which will disappear soon. Other packs will come up at a later date as well when closing in on Alpha.

    The second part of your question there is no F2P. You need a subscription to start playing. There might be an Open Beta at the end of the testing cycle, but I don't know that for sure.
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    There is no box cost either, so you just pay the sub $15 and start playing. To get an alpha key be registered on this website and you'll be included in the weekly drawings. Another way would be to join the raffles during the streams, or to buy an alpha key from the store before the PAX packs are removed.
  • Like Boci pointed out there will be no F2P or trial mechanic. That way lies the kingdom of goldsellers and bots. Most shy away from sub only games because they can't make spam accounts and are in danger of having the accounts where they park their gold and transfer to other people taken away. Which when caught early and often ends up costing them more money than they make. The developers have done what so very few other games have done and have been building the game with the idea of stopping such behaviour from the beginning of development, with a multi-pronged approach.
  • Calling in sick for 10 years once the game releases XD
  • Fleelix said:
    Calling in sick for 10 years once the game releases XD
    I like the way you think 
  • Looks like everyone pretty much covered this one. Let us know if you have any more questions =)
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