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Legendary weapons lootable from players.

I really want there to be super legendary weapons a player can have but when they die it becomes a lootable item. This will generate a ton of ingame drama, content, and bragging rights.


  • If anyone ever got one, they'd just never leave a safe zone again lol
  • Sadly I agree with Icarus on this one. The only times it would create drama is when people inevitably find a way to log onto the account and send the guy out of a safe zone to get killed. With a truly strong legendary weapon they would be put on reserve when most people would likely need them A la guild/castle defense and siege.
  • Alternative: Legendary weapons have a durability that cant be repaired. The more you die to players and monsters the more its durability decreases. Once its durability reaches 0 it breaks.

    Breaking either destroys it completely, or breaks into 'shards' that make it easier to rebuild but still non functional
  • Legendary weapons like this would need to flag the owner purple as long as it is in their possession. In addition, it should take permanent damage on each death untill it fails completely.

    If that were the case, what would be the best way to obtain one?

    1. Epic loot drop?
    2. Epic craft attempt?
    3. A quest?
    4. Random loot from purchasable gift boxes using micro-transactions?
    5. Inserted with a small chance on the general loot tables?

    Any other suggestions?
  • My experience has been that allowing player looting tends to bring out the best in people, that is if they love to hang out in inner city playgrounds and are looking for a new pair of Air Jordan's. It does tend to build a certain type of community, if that is the kind of community you like to interact with.
  • For me the most exciting pvp I've played is when I have something to lose that took effort to gain. I don't think it should only be limited to legendary weapons, however. I think there should be a chance, even if just a small one, of one or more of your equipped pieces of gear randomly dropping when in a legitimate pvp situation. I don't think that it should apply if the combat resulted in the killer getting "flagged" though to prevent abuse.
  • i want to steal peoples shoes!
  • [quote quote=389]Alternative: Legendary weapons have a durability that cant be repaired. The more you die to players and monsters the more its durability decreases. Once its durability reaches 0 it breaks.

    Breaking either destroys it completely, or breaks into ‘shards’ that make it easier to rebuild but still non functional


    I like the idea of this. Not a fan of full loot but not a PvP'er either so anything attainable in game should be be attainable by both PvE and PvP styles.

    Further to Julius idea, with each legendary non-functional repair a plaque could be made to hang in the player housing. Once you have 20 plaques from historic weapons you have used in battle, you can then make the non-lootable version with with random legendary stats that can be repaired and maintained.

    This would cause more players to engage in the activities required to attain this.

    (thinking out loud)
  • Its all fine and dandy with legendary weapons and such, even making them lootable (otherwise, only a few select would probably have one). I personally like Vanilia's idea, so that it also has a certain permanent aspect.
    Another thing that could be nice would be like rare "trinkets" or "artifacts" that protect a certain equipment once, maybe rarity locked. So if you want to protect your rare shoes, you need the appropriate trinket.

    But theres one problem you haven't touched on: Where does the loot originate from?
    * It doesnt appear out of thin air right? (unless you play some deity card, "god of war grants you this weapon for killing that guy")
    * Is it then crafted? (probably not too overpowered, presumably)
    * PvE then? (Would kinda defeat the purpose of it being PvP then ;) )
  • [quote quote=1248] But there's one problem you haven’t touched on: Where does the loot originate from?

    If you want something to legitimately be a "legendary" item you make it require multiple things.

    You kill a boss of a dungeon, said boss drops an item that starts a quest, you could make it so that you need to "inspect" the item at your blacksmith, or whilst knowing a certain language (if that's a thing) before it allows you to take the quest, perhaps it's hidden hieroglyphs written on a sword, or as simple as a torn piece of a map within an amulet that tells you where to go next.

    This leads you onto a huge questline where you need to travel across the map, gather legendary items such as an ore that spawns once a week or something to create a special key to open a secret door within a dungeon in the zone you found the original piece from.

    From that you manage to finally retrieve said legendary item, but it's not at it's full capability, to restore it you need to find other rare stuff to temper and restore it back to it's legendary status.

    If it's similar to that you'd require PvE, Gathering, 'Crafting', exploration and a shit load of time, instead of making it drop after PvP make it so that the weapon goes back to it's original state (before tempering etc) if you die to another player, to restore it now you need to soak it in the blood of the person who killed you (kill them a few times) as well as offering a sacrifice to the god the weapon originates from (if that's a thing, if not I dunno, think of something).
  • [quote quote=1256]<blockquote><div class="d4p-bbt-quote-title"><a href="" rel="nofollow">Julemanden wrote:</a></div>
    But there’s one problem you haven’t touched on: Where does the loot originate from?

    If you want something to legitimately be a “legendary” item you make it require multiple things.
    + The rest of the qoute, just didnt wanna clutter this one.

    Thats oddly specific, I mostly just wanted to know in general terms what people had in mind. It was mostly that everyone had ideas for the weapon once it was there, but not a single mention of how to get it.
    I must say though that I like your thinking, except for the last blood part, that just seems a bit wierd... Maybe instead that once its lost/dropped a few times, it turns into some "reaserch" item that eventually grants you some crafting recipe. Otherwise we could end up with way too many legendaries, if they never disappear :)
  • Lineage 2 had an expansion I believe called Oath of Blood that added a "legendary" weapon, the only issue with it however is once you obtained the weapon you were permanently flagged for PvP and were unable to ever return to any towns or nodes.

    Something along that line of cursed weapons would be very interesting to have especially if the world was large enough.
  • Hmm, interesting concept.

    <strong>Where does Loot come from?</strong>

    Honestly speaking, I would rather see a player to crafting his own weapon. I am not a fan of looting anything by killing a boss. Two reasons:

    - It's not very logical, I know it's a game and there are of course some aspects of artistic freedom and stuff, nevertheless the'Lord of all Evil' probably doesn't have a Sword with him if he torments his foes with his ranged abilities.
    -It's ridiculously RNG based. There will either be players who get the necessary equipment at first try or those that won't get it even after running multiple times. Don't get me wrong, certain aspects can and should be RNG based, normal gear for instance or gear of rarer value. But everything that goes beyond that - justifying a real challenge in obtaining it - should be restricted.
    PKing - Loot?</strong>

    I mean, why not? But there must be several rules. IMO at least.

    <em> 1</em>.After killing a player he or she should be flagged for several minutes, so killing him or her shortly after reviving or respawning can't be possible.
    <em> 2.</em> Gear shortly obtained after killing a player should be 'loose'. So, said killed player is able to regain his lost treasures for a time limit of- let's say - 15 minutes.
    Meaning the just gained item has a higher propability of dropping again.
    <em>3.</em> To point 2. I wouldn't mind calling your guildies together or friends or whatnot to regain your lost item. All that must of course be accomplished in said time frame. If not the dropped piece of loot finally 'belongs' to you. The channce of it dropping again is lowered to a certain extent, just as the other items.

    So, all in all. I would say that there should be a lower chance of legendary gear to drop in a PvP situation in comparison to lower valued gear.
    Furthermore, this whole gear drop thing should be clearly signaled. Not everyone of us wants to play PvP every day 'till Sunday. There should be a notification signaling

    <strong><em>You've just entered a PvP region. Gear loss is possible. Region's effects will take place in 30 sec.</em></strong>

    My two cents

    ~ Zention
  • My thoughts on this are kinda for the player looting. A book I read that had a game in it with a player looting system described it in a way i thought worked really well. Upon a Players death, be it from a mob or another player there was a small % chance that a random item would drop that you had. This could be anything from a potion to your legendary sword. It wasn't guaranteed that something would drop but there was always the possibility. Of course if a player killed another they would become red and if a red player dies they have a significantly higher chance of dropping their stuff. of course this could be offset by carrying alot of small items on you which made the chances of dropping your valuable items even less.

    They also included a way to prevent your most favorite stuff from dropping and that was through a binding system. This game did not have BoE items and there were only a few specific 1 use BoP items. Because they did not use this system they could sell gear they no longer used, but they also have the option of binding the gear to them, if they did this it became player bound and if they ever wanted to replace it they would just have to throw it away. but binding an item to you would prevent it from being able to be dropped upon death.

    I have never been a fan of the BoE/BoP system and usually it is only in place because they need a gold sink and this forces gold to just be thrown away when equiping items. but because this world is going to be using a unique economy. i think they could do away with this.
  • very much doubt that would be a popular feature
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