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Question - Origin

So I have a few questions.
We know there are 4 divine gateways, so..

Q: Are these gateways linked to one specific God? 
Q: If so, what about the two last Gods?

Q: Did each race use their own Gateway?

Q: Did the gateways lead to different worlds, or the same world?
Q: If different worlds, were all the races one race at a point in time?
(Ex: Dwarves ended up on a world with higher gravity, Elves on one with lower, Orcs on a world full of Danger etc etc)


  • A: No confirmed info so far.
    A: No confirmed info so far.

    A: No confirmed info so far.

    A: No confirmed info so far.
    A: No confirmed info so far.
    Now you have as many answers as the rest of us. Though there are a couple entertaining speculation threads on the forums.

  • xD I was afraid this would be the case 
    Oh well, speculation time then!
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited September 2017
    The Gateways are linked to race; I do not think they are linked to specific gods.

    Much like if there were a Divine Gateway in China, we might expect the aesthetic design to be culturally Asian and that most people leaving through that Gateway would be Asian, but not exclusively so, the same will be true for the exodus from Verra.

    It is confirmed that the Gateways led to one world.
    We're all returning from the same world.

    4 races left Verra. They each split into two distinct cultures. That is confirmed.
    Those 4 races once being just one race is highly unlikely.

  • @DygzIt is confirmed that the Gateways led to one world. 
    We're all returning from the same world.

    I am not doubting your excellent knowledge, but confirmed where? I hate it when I miss a reference point. 
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited September 2017
    Numerous sources, but here's one that is, perhaps, easiest to find.
    "In Ashes of Creation, you start out in the world having come back through the Great Divine Gateways.  You come from a non-magical world, where many nations and races exist."
  • All the gateways lead to Earth. Verra is a robot world like Westworld. Human players get to come to Verra on vacation and be whatever they want, but it was corrupted by hackers and people got killed. The hackers made it so no one could leave and they were all trapped until they beat the simulation. Lots of people died and were sued but many years later some guy made a Kickstarter and started the place up again. New hardware and software is in place to keep us safe, but will it?  Will it???
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