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[Podcast] From The Ashes Episode 20: Combo System

From The Ashes Episode 20: Combo System – The Ashes of Creation podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join Aggelos and Thais, the Founders of The Dungeon Crawler Network, as they bear witness the rebirth of the MMORPG genre from the ashes of an industry that has left gamers behind!

This week, Aggelos is joined once again by Isarii, the Errant Penman himself, as well as creation of Ashen Foundry, Atropos, Sinbad of Vengeance and finally Telchar of Sons of the Seven. The crew got together for this special post-PAX episode to go over the combo system from the demos of Ashes of Creation.

If you would like to check out our guests, follow the links below:

The Dungeon Crawler Network Guild – Application

Ashen Foundry – Website – Twitter

Errant Penman – Website – Twitter

Sons of the Seven – Website

Vengeance – Website – Discord

Show Notes:

  • The Phoenix Roundtable: Combo System

Podcast Information:

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  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited September 2017
    Thanks for another great podcast @Aggelos. Great you like my idea for the combo bar :)
  • lexmax said:
    Thanks for another great podcast @Aggelos. Great you like my idea for the combo bar :)
    Thank you for listening! Yeah it is a good idea for sure! Hope we see some movement on that front as we get future iterations :D
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited September 2017
    ha. I was thinking this would be similar to a Death's Proxy combat vid.  :p
    Great having people on who actually played the combat!!!  <3

    In this vid, Isarii says he played PvP a couple of times, but at PAX he told me he had just finished his 12th time through PvP. Some other people were at 20+.
    So, the combat wasn't so crappy that people hated playing.
    I hate PvP, but I played the PvP 5 times - it was pretty fun for a pre-alpha.

    Isarii's experience of feeling better about the mechanics after playing it confirms my pov that you really need to play it to get a feel for how it all works, rather than just making assumptions from watching other people play.
    (Some people think the Ranger's charging bar is the same thing as the QTE bar)
  • Great podcast, has honestly given me the best picture yet of what the combat was actually like and a better understanding of what vision Steve has for  combat, given the information we have thus far.
    Good stuff.
  • Loved the pun at the start xD

    They made more than 90 days for the combat. They just had 90 days for the arenas and the part of PvE they wanted to show.

    You get low marks for production quality ;) (I kid, it's awesome as always )

    @Isarii i talking about the combo system alleviated a lot more of my concern then any forum posts, thanks for that!

  • great podcast!
    Im a bit concerned that with all the negative feedback about the combo system Intrepid may deviate from their original vision of the game.

    Good to hear some more reasonable opinions from people that had their hands on the game!
  • Good episode!

    Glad to hear from people who actually got to play and game and can see the potential in the combat instead of trashing a pre alpha.

    keep up the good work :)
  • Ziz said:
    Good episode!

    Glad to hear from people who actually got to play and game and can see the potential in the combat instead of trashing a pre alpha.

    keep up the good work :)
    Thanks mate! I know even listening to people talking from the floor the people who played said the QTE actually felt really good (some classes better then others). I know a new UI element would really help with that perception as well but UI is still early. The key is to either 1) allow people to customize the QTE notifications or 2) offer more then one default view so people can choose the one that works best for them.
  • Excellent job guys. So many reasons why I enjoy your podcast (not least of which is the fact that it is an actual podcast).

    Thanks to everyone who gives their time to provide us with a little more information, and be able to get those interviews and discover and then parse this information for those of us on the other side of the world.

    I find myself joining in on the conversations constantly  :)

    Keep up the great job.
  • Thank you @Bajjer! That means a lot to us!

    Also, if you do have conversations or thoughts that you would like to share, consider heading over to and clicking Contact Us and leave us a message! We do mailbag sections from time to time and love to answer community questions :D
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