(Item Shop) particle and color changes

Hello guys i think they woud make some item shop things that changes your look, do you think we become paricular and color change items ? I bring one example the ultimate of the cleric is an yellow glow when he flying ... I like to have an color change in black or red smok effeckt ... Such an idea bring more chances to create an individual charackter i think 

( sorry for my horrible english )


  • There was this in the Kickstarter campaign for all backers. I don't know if there will be other forms of character auras and particles though.
  • I hope :) i and some other guys realliced really late that this game comming out :) from there i have big hopes in such things :)
  • @TeiTeiPlay
    I am sure they will have some stuff of that ingame to. Especially its not a P2W game. Probbaly will be some quest lines or reputations or whatever that will change your FX. 

    Probbaly but we dont know yet.
  • Skins with built in particle FX are part of the Kickstarter rewards, which are still currently available to Kickstarter backers in the Ashes Store. @TeiTeiPlay this indicates that what you ask is not only possible it is actually in place, just currently limited to Kickstarter backer upgrades at the moment.

  • I wouldn't be surprised to see something of the sort ingame. Perhaps they could tie it in with achievements system. Truth is, there's so much scope for things like this that they're going to have to draw the line somewhere.
  • From the stretch goals also:
    All backers receive unique weapons skins with particle effects.
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