EXP cap regarding nodes

i was thinking about what was said about zones and a node with-in a zone leveling up as exp is gained with-in that zone and that lead me to thinking is there zones that cater to level brackets for example zones close to starting points only relevent too low level players and if that is the case how are nodes in those aeras ever going to be leveled with out a constant flow of new players entering the game or a reason to level alts? also once the level cap is reached in crafting or combat class how will a player contribute to leveling a node when they can no longer gain exp?


  • Just because you personally are not benefiting from the exp doesn't mean the node isn't counting it. This issue was discussed a while back with people being concerned that by going into an opposing node and killing mobs there that they were going to inadvertently help people they may be fighting against gain node levels. The dev response was basically "Everything you do is tracked towards node progression or regression, exp generating activities in a node are going to count."
    As to content level, they have also stated that as a node levels that the content unlocked will not exactly match a nodes progression. Mobs of lower level will spawn as will higher. The best example may be Witcher 3 if you are familiar. You may be smacking the tar out of a group of goblins, run around a bend in the road right into a cyclops that a group of well geared people at "endgame" would struggle with. The whole using the starter zones as a center with higher level content on the outer edges as a concept that has been used in so many other MMOs is being totally revisioned. No more "Oh, I am level 20 so I should be leveling around a level 3 node."
  • I think gathering mushrooms sends the same amount of xp to the node regardless of character level/xp.
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    I thought it was mentioned that once you become a citizen of a node, then you'll send a portion of the exp or such that you accumulate in the world back to that node, but I could be wrong. I thought you can only be a citizen once a node reaches village/3rd level?

    I actually was wondering, how they handle a siege providing exp to a node. Cause an enemy force sieges a lvl 5 city, wouldn't in the action of a siege they provide exp to the node, and maybe help make it a lvl 6 metropolis? So I imagine there has to be a way to pause the growth of a node, or prevent yourself from aiding it to much.
  • The node is not collecting xp from players as some form of taxation.
    Everything players do within the vicinity of the node sends xp to the node.
    Notice in the PAX demo, players leveled the node without being citizens - citizenship is not possible before Stage 3.
    The encampment at the start of the PAX demo is Stage 2.
  • By "portion of exp" I simply ment, the node acquires "expansion points" or however you want to dub them. And, yes.. of course you aid in leveling a node if you are in that node and doing stuff there.

    But, once you are a citizen of a node, ie.. after a node is level 3, can you send "expansion points" back to your node if you are in a separate node, or a node that is not in the influence sphere. If you can not, then it makes doing a siege rather more complicated, because if you do a Siege, you are interacting at the node, and therefore aren't you providing "expansion points" to the node you are trying to destroy?

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    I don't think the players attacking a node during a siege are sending xp to that node.
    I don't think it's sending xp back to their home nodes, either.

    Attacking the node isn't particularly complicated, though.
    De-leveling the node is about destroying key targets/buildings; not about the xp of the node.

    But, that's a great question.
    We should get the devs to provide us with some details in that regard.

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