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Forum Rank

So is there a forum rank hierarchy? If so, How do you increase your reputation.

I see player with stars next to their name, what does that mean?


  • Hello there. Forum ranks is gained by obtaining likes, loll's or moderator promotions of your posts. Obtaining so many of each then obtains you a badge which itself earns you points. The rank system itself is based off of total points earned. The rank is solely for prestige purposes =)

  • Thanks for the response.
    So you are saying if I get enough badges, i can eventually become a moderator? 

    Kidding haha. 

    Is there any link that outlines the badges and how to earn them?
  • No, unfortuanly there is not yet such an article. Perhaps in the future we could create something. Most badges are based on Questions answered and accepted, likes, lols, and posts.
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