Key Draws

Is there a specific time that announcement occurs, is it the same time every week?

How does the time zone work for the game/forum?
Not the best, Die like rest.


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    They are on PST (California), so don't expect things in the middle of the night. They haven't announced a key draw for the last couple of weeks. They are behind with the excuse being given that they were busy with PAX. Look for a post in Announcements and Headlines when they do decide to give more out. From the livestream they have given out around 800 keys for what is being called Alpha 0. With the backlog and the date of December 15th the most you can expect is 10 weeks of key giveaways. At the rate of 5-6, a couple here and there from livestream raffles (not guaranteed, this last one didn't have one), you look at them keeping it under 1000 people eligible. Probably far less, since they have to sign and get NDA paperwork back to them before they are given access.
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