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new to game

hi  I go go by the name indi  ive been following the build up to this game and it looks to tick a lot of my personal boxes for an mmorpg :smile:  I currently play lotro and have for 7 years  ive tried many other games out but never found another that ive liked enough to spend much time on.....I hope this develops to plan  and cant wait to go live :smiley:


  • Hello there and welcome to the Ashes Community <3

    PS ... did you play ArcheAge on the Vengeance server????
  • hi  I have played arche age  but not with this name I went by indithir  but not on vengeance iirc:)

  • Which LotrO server if I may ask? I worked on Elendilmir and Gladden for years. Maybe I have seen or helped you there =D
  • I'm on gladden atm but started originally on dwarrowdelf  my 2 mains are littleindi dwarf champ and indithir elf hunter  I'm an officer in the council of elder lords for 5 years noe lol

  • Very cool! I was with LotrO 9 years, toons on both those servers. I worked as a GM for 6 of those years and have a lot of great memories. Loved that game! I think some remnants of my guild there are still around. Familiar with Ramble On?
  • yes I know some ramble on members have run with a fair few very good players from there  I don't spend as much time on there as I used to  ..not to sure if I'm happy with the direction the game seems to be going in tbh

  • Welcome to the community @Indi1964!
  • Welcome  @Indi1964! Holy smokes 7 years on Lord of the Rings Online! I thought the game was pretty good, my friends left the game and I ran solo after and ended up getting bored and followed my friends back to WoW. I wish we would have stuck with LOTRO, the game mechanics were pretty cool. I hope some of them find their way here. I often though about getting back into it but I would be so far behind. I loved monster mode in that game! 
  • A warm welcome @Indi1964. Thanks for joining our community :smiley:
  • @Indi1964 welcome to the community! I played Lotro for years on the Brandywine server, good times. Glad to have another member of the community.
  • Welcome to the world of Ashes of Creation
  • Welcome to the community.
  • Be welcome amidst our pilgrimage into new and hopeful lands. May the sandal gods bless you with your own pair of sandals.
    Have some tea while you wander around.
  • greetings and welcome to ashes of creation may you enjoy your stay 
  • Welcome to AoC!
  • Welcome to the Ashes community!
  • Welcome to the community. I hope you have fun on the forum.
  • Welcome @Indi1964! Had a Lifetime account on LOTRO myself. Loved that game and hopefully we'll love this one too. Enjoy the hype train! :)
  • Hello @Indi1964 o/ and welcome to the community smile
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    Welcome welcome!

    *Wants to hire seven happy Dwarves to sing @Indi1964 a welcoming song, can't afford it so makes do with one dwarf, three second class hobbits, an trippy elf and two unkempt men. Gets an old geezer thrown in for free because it's bargain Monday.* 
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