How do i start playing?

I have been watching this game for some time, and i really want to play it, i probably just missed where i can pay for it, but if anyone has any helpful tips it would be much appreciated. Also i would like to say that i think this is a fantastic idea for a mmo i love that it isn't about p2w.


  • Alpha doesn't come out until next year, so just be patient and wait for it.  The game will be fully released in a couple more years.  Sucks to have to wait, but it will be a while yet.
  • So I can't donate some money and play? I guess more waiting won't be bad for a good game.
  •   here is a link to the store where Alpha / Beta keys maybe obtained. The game is still pre-alpha so you have time =)
  • The others said it all, so all I can add is welcome! :)
  • I just watch pax gameplay streams and pretend I am playing, for some reason it just isn't as fun as actually playing it.  :(
    Welcome to the community though @WisestSam
  • I'm confused by your statement that you've been following this game for a while but then you missed that it's not even in Alpha yet.

  • I sent you a private message including bank account number of mine the game's.

    You can just deposit some few hundreds  then you can play. You can trust me, I'm not some random stranger on internet, I am very trustworthy. 
  • Hope they do some good work and the alpha 1 can start sooner.
  • Alpha 1 has been set in stone to start December 15th, so even if they progress faster than expected, I do not think they would move the alpha 1 date sooner but rather include more content to test.

    I would love that they could move alpha 2 as soon as possible though. Since it'll be a consistent alpha, it can't launch "too soon", as fixes and new content will directly be patched onto the consistens test server.
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    Alpha 0 is set for December 15, 2017.  Alpha 1, as of now, will be 4th Quarter 2018.
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