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Then a wild tank appears

Hello all,
     I finally got around to posting in here, I've been keeping tabs on the game for a while.  So, a little about me I am in the military stationed over seas.  I'm about 12+ hours ahead of the states,  trust me being in the future is awesome we have flying cars now and are having a blast with them :wink: Oh sorry got side tracked, anyway I've been playing MMO's since DAOC and have tried a vast amount of them. If you can't tell I pretty much pick a tank for almost all of them. I don't consider myself a hard core player I pretty much go with the flow, and do silly things with my guild mates.  Anyway I just stopped in to say hello, before I'm off to go get punched in the face by a few baddies.  After all what tank doesn't enjoy a few punches to face every now and then :smile:


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